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Cloud Wise Academy was formed to teach in-demand technical skills that employers are searching for in today’s market. Currently, there is a significant gap between the number of jobs open requiring these types of skills and the number of people in Shasta County who possess these skills.

There are smart people with a good work ethic, such as returning vets, who would be quite suitable for those high-demand jobs – if they had the right skills. They just need to be trained, and trained in the right way.

The Cloud Wise Academy courses are designed to be practical and affordable for people holding down a job or taking care of family as they learn a new set of high-demand skills. The Academy serves people of all ages and there is no prior programming or technology experience needed. All students need is a laptop computer and a basic understanding of how to use it.

The Academy’s first course is “Websites for Beginners.” The course teaches how to build a working website using the most in-demand tools: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Each course is taught over a six-week period, two nights a week, three hours each night. The six-week course costs $275 and is taught by a professional programmer. Students will be working on real-world assignments.

The Academy presents a win-win situation for Shasta County. Employers will be more able to hire people they desperately need; the people hired will move into a whole new career that pays well and provides long-term advancement opportunities; and Shasta County will benefit. As local people are equipped with technical skills, not only will current companies be able to find and hire the talent they need, but new companies will be attracted to the area, which in turn provides more employment for area residents and contributes to the development of Shasta County as a tech hub.

Deadline: Open Application Date

Scholarship opportunities are available to assist with Cloud Wise Academy tuition. Please click HERE to access the application website. Once at the destination you can search for the application by typing Cloud Wise into the search bar.

Cloud Wise Academy Courses

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Photoshop & Design

Website Design Fundamentals

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