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Chris Webber is a student of Cloud Wise Academy, the new Redding-based web development school. Before that, he was a gunsmith. Before that, he was an SWCC (Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewman). Before that he was a professional Sprint Car driver. “I raced from Washington all the way down to San Diego. I won rookie of the year for just about all of California. I was in a bunch of magazines. I’ve been racing since I was five.”

Ask Chris about any period of his life and you’ll likely get a very interesting answer.

He had a lot to say in particular about his experience in the Navy. He served for six years and rejoined the civilian world in 2014. The lessons he learned were many. “I grew up in that period of time,” he says. “I was 20 when I joined. I was still a kid then.”

First, he talks about his leadership responsibilities. “We did a lot of FID missions,” he explains. “Which stands for Foreign Internal Defense. Basically we helped countries like Bahrain and all the GCC countries with their defence abilities. I was a UAV pilot as well.  My second deployment I was lead pilot, so I had five guys underneath me.”

He also mentions the pressure he was under to operate at a high level under severe time constraints. “We had what we called, ‘three minute windows.’ We could be three minutes early or three minutes late. Any time past that was considered a failure. There were tons of times when we had to get boats ready,  or humvees ready, or something bad happened that deviated from the original plan. And no matter what, no matter what we were doing, we had to meet that three minute window.”

“It was a really good time. It was a horrible time, and a really good time. I’m glad I did it,” he comments.

One gets the impression talking to Chris that whether because of his experiences or just because of his character, he is someone who cares more deeply than many others about his work. He does not deny it. “I’m extremely competitive,” he says. “If my finished site project isn’t the best one on Thursday, I’m going to be really disappointed.”

This class project is a repository for Chris’s various community gaming interests. As a Dungeon master, guild leader (for online gaming), and competitive Pokemon player, he’s built a website that creates a space to organize these activities. “Nobody expects it,” he chuckles, when I expressed surprise at his choice in hobbies.

Before Chris took the course, he was not sure how much detail there would be in a mere six-week window. He’s been pleasantly surprised. “I needed something else to do,” he says. “A different career path.  I’ve been hungry to become more educated about coding.”

“My favorite part,” he added, “Is seeing what you’ve actually made. Putting all that effort into text and then seeing what it turns into.”

Ultimately, Chris’s accomplishments appear to stem from the extremely high standards he sets for himself. “I guess the cheesy way to put it,” he says, “Is I have heart. I like to have my stuff look really professional, whether it’s gunsmithing, working in the navy, or doing this. When I uploaded my web page in class and it looked differently on the website than it did in JSfiddle, that tore me up. I’ll probably be working on that all day tomorrow.”

Cloud Wise Academy News

Cloud Wise Academy in the news – featuring Chris Webber

Cloud Wise Academy in the news – featuring Chris Webber

The Redding Record Searchlight recently ran a piece about a young Redding Workforce finding avenues to good jobs. This piece is on the forms of non-college education people engage in to find the technically skilled jobs that make up today’s economy. Cloud Wise...

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Leadership Redding Class of 2017 presents check to Cloudwise Scholarship fund

Leadership Redding Class of 2017 presents check to Cloudwise Scholarship fund

August 3rd, 2017 – Redding, California – In a short ceremony held at the Shasta Regional Community Foundation offices, Cloud Wise Academy received a donation from the Leadership Redding Class of 2017. This money, paid to the Cloudwise scholarship fund, is intended to help female students take Cloud Wise Academy’s accelerated technology courses. The goal is to encourage young women to succeed in the increasingly important field of technology.

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