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Jake Hinton speaks with clarity when you ask him about his life’s various challenges. Asked about the events that influenced him in his life, he talks about the challenges of the Marine Corps.  “I was definitely under a lot of pressure and I developed a  lot during that time,” he says.

Currently Jake is an electrician and student of CloudWise Academy’s first “Intro to Web Development” course, but – as quickly becomes apparent when you talk to him – he’s worn a lot of hats in his life, military service being simply the most dramatic. “I joined the Marine Corps just out of high school,” he says, “and I did that for eight years. I ended up defusing bombs . . . that was definitely life-changing.” He served from 2004 to 2012, stationed mostly in Japan. He says that “If it was in Asia, I was there, probably. As well as the Middle East and parts of Europe.”

Jake doesn’t necessarily define himself by his military past as much as by the philosophy that crystallized for him during that time. When asked how he would define the approach that he has taken to all of his challenges in life, he explains: “At the very bottom I love working, I believe that work is a good thing. That when people work it’s intrinsically good . . . when I go to work, no matter what side of the bed I wake up on, I go to work knowing I’m going to do a good thing, provided I work as hard as I can . . . and I’ve done that with all of my jobs.”

His plan is to wear more hats in the future. He took Cloud Wise Academy’s web development course because he wanted to gain an understanding of the fundamentals of web design in preparation for a possible career change. No idle wish, given his dream to start a family with his wife. “My income basically has to double,” he says, “and I don’t see that happening in my current job.  At least, not any time soon.”  

Though he doesn’t know exactly where his foray into the online realm will take him, he has always expressed a strong preference in his life for work that is more creative and less about, as he puts it, “stamping widgets.” Particularly, he is drawn toward graphic design and marketing due to his longtime enjoyment of artistic pursuits. “I love painting. I love drawing. I love art of all types,” he says. “Period.”  

Given this, he has been pleasantly surprised by just how creative and approachable the material was at Cloud Wise. “I’m not going to say what we’re doing is easy,” he explains, “but it’s not so complicated that it’s beyond understanding.” And, in fact, even after only a relatively short time of grappling with a new subject, his work is already paying dividends. For his class project he is building a website for his current employer, which will replace the old page. “It’s real-world,” he says.      

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