Workshop: Selling Your Products Online In Just 3 Weeks

E-commerce means “buying and selling products online.” This is a huge and growing part of our economy. If local businesses don’t start selling online, they’ll start to find that their sales shrink every year as online sellers start to consume a bigger chunk of the pie. This applies to every single market out there.

51% of sales are online, compared to 48% in 2015, and 47% in 2014. Of these purchases, half are made by people aged 18-34. Every year, the ability to sell online matters more. The importance of e-commerce has not escaped the attention of most businesses, and yet they have been slow to implement because they think selling online is too complex.

We’re here to tell you that it’s not. Or at the least, it doesn’t have to be.

The Importance of E-commerce

Here are some more statistics:

  • 40% of millennial men, and 33% of millennial women say they would ideally do all of their shopping online.
  • Online sales are currently growing more than twice as fast as retail sales.
  • About two thirds of American adults shop online at least once a month.

Mobile phones have made it easier than ever to buy online and compare prices. Think about your own life: How often do you or people you know buy online? How often do you check online to see if you can get a better price on the Internet than you can at a store – even while you’re standing in a store?

Why You Should Put Your Products Online

You might say, “E-commerce is important, I get it. But isn’t it difficult to set up an e-commerce site?” In truth, it’s not. Anyone could do it with just a little bit of training.

It’s also common for people to see the online success of giants like Amazon and think, “Why bother? They’re a gigantic company. How can we compete?”

The truth is that the Internet is a great leveler, and Google consciously favors local business in its search algorithm. It only takes a small investment of time and money to create an e-commerce site that customers will be perfectly happy to use.

We recommend using Shopify. It’s a content management system that operates a lot like WordPress (it’s pretty easy to figure out what is needed to make it work). Shopify is specifically built for selling online. We are going to be launching a workshop that teaches people how to use this piece of software confidently, in just a few weeks.

During this class, you’ll learn how to launch your own store, put your products online, and start selling, quickly and easily.

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