Internship programs for students offered by Cloud Wise Academy.

Our classes aren’t just about personal development, they’re about finding the skills to immediately jump into jobs in technology.

That’s what the Cloud Wise Academy internship program is all about: Providing a direct training to jobs pipeline for talented students!

Our parent company is Cloud potential – a content marketing firm that is always looking for talented web developers and other employees with technology skills. We also communicate closely with other technology firms in Redding that are looking for new talent. If you’re looking for a chance to prove yourself, we can help.

Our Interns

Several former Cloud wise Academy students have already become Interns for us at Cloud Potential.

Sean Kittrick – Sean Kittrick graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in literature and creative writing, but was not able to publish his own projects through traditional means. He took a website design class with Cloud Wise Academy and was soon hired as an Intern. Currently he writes content for Cloud Potential’s clients, the Digital Revolution Radio Show, and other sites. In fact, he is writing this very page. Right now!

Jake Hinton – A former EOD specialist with the marines, a former stockbroker, and former electrician, Jake Hinton was looking to change his career when he took a course with Cloud Wise Academy. An avid artist, he was hired as a designer for Cloud Potential, and eventually branched into project management.

Roderick Dusio Macdermott – A mechanic with the California National Guard, he heard about Cloud Wise Academy from another friend in the guard. After taking our intro course, he found a natural instinct for coding, and went above and beyond with his projects. He is currently the resident web developer at Cloud Potential.

Other Interns in Redding
Several other Cloud Wise Academy students have branched into jobs in technology. They include:

Chris Webber – After a back injury forced him out of his career in gunsmithing, Chris Webber discovered a gift for web development and design at Cloud Wise Academy. He is currently working for Zach Arnold, a local developer.

Jimmy Cao – Jimmy Cao came to Redding from Los Angeles to take our first Cloud Wise Academy course after he heard about our classes from Redding. A gifted artist and mathematician, he quickly picked up skills in coding. He is currently working with Mark Yuan on his custom CMS, Webasone.

Intern Jake
Intern Jake Hinton
Intern Sean and Chris
Intern Sean Kittrick interviews Chris Webber

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