Yet another Cloud Wise Academy student has landed a web development job with a small local tech firm. Chris Webber was a former gunsmith, Sprint car driver, and Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewman with the Navy. He made a perfectly successful transition from the Navy back into civilian life, but had recently run into a number of unrelated misfortunes in his life and was having a difficult time coping. “I won’t go into the situation I was in then, but Cloud Wise Academy gave me a way out of it,” he says. “Six months ago things looked very grim, very rough.”

After taking Cloud Wise Academy’s first two courses, Chris has gotten back on his feet both literally and figuratively, ditching a wheelchair for a cane as a bad back injury started to heal. The instructor of the second course, Zach Arnold, called Chris the previous week and asked him to interview for a development job.

“We’re going to be working on in association with Bethel Ministries,” Chris explains. “She’s a pretty high-profile speaker who delivers speeches all over the country.”

Chris does not yet know exactly what he will be doing in his new position, which will begin in one or two weeks. He does anticipate that it will be a learning curve, however, as he rapidly picks up new web development skills. “Zach basically said the reason he picked me was that he liked the questions I asked,” recalls Chris. “He said because of that, I would learn faster.”

“It seems like a very good atmosphere to be entering,” Chris remarks. “Everyone is collaborating together towards a common goal. The general attitude from the people I’ve talked to makes me think it’s going to be really fun.”

Chris’ Ambitions: Where this web development job may lead

As of now, Chris has great aspirations for the future. “I fully plan to start my own web design company eventually,” he says. “That’s why I’ve been excited to get into business with Zach; he’s been doing this for so long.” Also, while he felt confident that he would eventually find a job in web development, he didn’t expect that his instructor would simply call him with an opportunity. “I was really happy about it,” he laughs.

Chris also plans to continue taking Cloud Wise Academy classes saying, “I intend to squeeze into every class I can.”  In particular he is excited for the upcoming iOS development class. “I have a friend who works for a company like Mattel that makes board games for kids. So I’m excited for the iOS class because one day we want to get together and work on a great idea we had for a table and phone game. I’d probably be the developer on that. I don’t care if it doesn’t make a million dollars, it’s just going to be awesome to be able to make it.”

Indeed, Chris is positively buzzing with ideas about what he’ll do with his talent for web development. He has always had a passion for popular culture, be it video games, tabletop games, or anime. Learning web development will expand his opportunities to pursue this passion.  He himself has been surprised and pleased at how well he’s taken to web development. “Landing on something that I feel I’m good at and that I enjoy doing was one in a million to me,” he says. “Right now, the future looks awesome. I’m very excited about the future.”

As for Zach Arnold, he is “really excited to have Chris on the team,” saying that “He was an exceptional student in class, and differentiated himself by continually going past the project description and asking challenging questions of the instructor. This let me know that he was hungry to learn more about web development.”

Cloud Wise Academy is a local coding school dedicated to teaching the technology skills that businesses need. Its next Websites for Beginners course begins January 4th, 2017 and will last for six weeks. Classes are held Mondays and Wednesdays in the evening, from 6-9 PM for the convenience of those with jobs and families. Classes are held at the Shasta Venture Hub building at 4300 Caterpillar Road in Redding, in the Cloud Wise Academy Classroom. The start date for the upcoming iOS class will be announced soon. More details can be found at

To read Chris Webber’s student profile, click here.

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Cloud Wise Academy was founded in 2016 to teach high-demand technology skills. The Academy works closely with businesses in the area to make sure that the courses teach skills that companies are hiring for. A sister company to Cloud Wise Academy is 24-Hour Cloud Support, which helps company managers solve web, cloud, and e-commerce problems, on-demand.

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