Chris Webber Cloud Wise Academy GraduateThe Redding Record Searchlight recently published a video showcasing people who found local jobs out of high school through paths that were somewhat out of the ordinary. They interviewed Alex Golden from the Shasta Union Fire Academy, and Cloud Wise Academy’s most famous graduate, Chris Webber.

Shasta Union Fire Academy

His junior and senior year of high school, Alex Golden attended the Shasta Union Fire Academy, which allowed him to become qualified for all state and federal firefighting jobs by the time he graduated. After graduating, he found a job with  “I decided to go into the workforce before going to college because I discovered nothing made me happier than being a firefighter,” he says.

Alex Golden has been offered a job at a local firefighting station.

Cloud Wise Academy

Nathan Solis, the reporter from the Record Searchlight, also talked to Chris Webber, a graduate of several Cloud Wise Academy classes. “After I got out of the Navy,” Chris recalls, “the job market was horrible. I went into gunsmithing for a few months, but my injuries got so bad I had to quit doing that.”

Later on, he says “Joe from Cloud Wise Academy asked me to take the first Cloud Wise Academy class and offered to pay for the whole thing.”

This was in June of 2016. Approximately a year later, Chris now owns his own web design business –

“Because of my medical conditions,” he explains, “I wasn’t really interested in working for anyone. Especially because of time restraints, medical restraints. So I decided to start my own company and here I am.”

Watch the full interview with Alex Golden and Chris Webber.

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