Cloud Wise Academy Gift Cards


Cloud Wise Academy gift cards grant full access to any one of our current technology courses. These courses last for six weeks, and are held twice a week from six to nine in the evening, at the Shasta Venture Hub. They teach such in-demand web development skills as HTML, CSS, Javascript, WordPress, and Search Engine Optimization. Gift cards are available for $275.


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Cloud Wise Academy Gift Cards

Imagine someone you care about. Think about what you’d like to get them as a gift – what you’d want them to have in their life.  An Xbox? Pretty expensive.  A cell phone? Expensive, and they catch fire sometimes. How about a bright future?  Since we’ve introduced gift cards for Cloud Wise Academy, bright futures have become very reasonably priced.

What is Cloud Wise Academy?

Cloud Wise Academy is a Redding-based technology school dedicated to teaching the important skills that modern businesses need. To take these classes, all a student needs is a laptop and the will to learn – no prior technical or web development experience is required. Also, students do not have to have a knack for the technical. Many of our most successful students were visual artists at heart. Cloud Wise Academy courses are suitable for teenagers and older.

Cloud Wise Academy also has an internship program, designed to get students out into the real world, using their skills as quickly as possible. Local businesses are starved for the kind of talent that Cloud Wise teaches. We work with them to fill gaps in the workforce while simultaneously offering graduates a career path.

How to purchase Cloud Wise Academy gift cards

Cloud Wise Academy gift cards can be purchased online and mailed to the recipient. If you prefer, you can also order a gift card by calling 530-515-9851 and pick them up at our office in the Shasta Venture Hub, at 4300 Caterpillar Road.

Testimonials from our students

Jake Hinton

Jake Hinton, a former electrician, sold his first website at the end of his first Cloud Wise Academy course. “I would encourage everyone who’s taking the class in the future to see if they know a business owner who could use a hand, because I’d say 90% of them do,” Jake says. “Not only are you gaining real-world experience, but that experience that could get you paid. It really is an in-demand market.”  Jake had no prior experience as a programmer before he took the course. He went on to take a second course with Cloud Wise Academy, and now works for us a web developer and project manager. He is an avid artist and a former Marine.

Chris Webber

Chris Webber was a Special Warfare Combat-Craft Combatant, and has just gotten an internship in web development with a local technology firm. In civilian life he was a gunsmith until an injury forced him off the job. He decided to pursue web development and took a beginner’s course with Cloud Wise Academy. “Landing on something that I feel I’m good at and I enjoy doing was one in a million to me,” he says. “Right now, the future looks awesome.”

Jamee Dawson

Jamee is a senior account manager at a background check company. Taking Cloud Wise Academy classes has given her a new appreciation for the world of coding, and a new skill which she is passionate about. It was not as difficult as she expected, either. “I thought I was going to have to learn a completely different language,” she says, but soon learned that there were a huge number of free resources online for those wanting to code. “You really can customize your site to work or look however you want,” she says.


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