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Learn and get results. This workshop goes beyond generic advice and shows you how create content Google and your customers will love.

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Workshop Description:

If Google is under-informed or confused about what you sell and why it’s good, you’re going to be invisible. Google has its requirements. If you meet them, you can compete right up there with the bigger players. You can be very visible to the people who are looking for your type of solution.

Search-engine success is more than just picking keywords. It’s about deep and accurate positioning. Google needs to know who you are and what makes you special. Google needs Big Fat Hints. Identifiers that it can recognize and reward.

This workshop will teach you how to understand and speak to Google.

Who should take this workshop: This workshop is aimed at managers and business owners hoping to better understand how to work with Google to improve their web presence.

What you will need to bring to the workshop: Your own laptop. If it’s a Windows machine, it should be running at least Windows 7 and have 2 gigabytes of internal memory. If it is a Mac, it should be running El Capitan and also have at least 4 gigabytes of internal memory.

What you will learn in this workshop: You will learn how we achieve success in the realm of search engines through our specialized framework.

You will learn how we build and use the framework:

  1. We jointly create a matrix that will firmly establish your identity with Google: what you sell and what makes you special.
  2. We will analyze your current site-pages and posts-and determine which are as are sufficiently covered (green); which areas should be focused on more (yellow); and which areas need extensive attention because they are not currently being addressed sufficiently (red).
  3. We will identify the search terms that people are using to find your type of solution.
  4. We will focus on the terms that give you a chance for top pages(in other words,if they are too general and/or highly contested, we pass).
  5. We use this Framework to determine which subjects we should cover next,and provide guidance to writing teams.
  6. We will start to test these key words via the content machine(forSEO) and a pay- per-click program, if appropriate.

In order to play the online marketing game properly – and even hope to be one of the best practice players – you need to generate content constantly. Most business owners really haven’t got the time to generate a new blog post each week or every other week. And yet, this is what the current online marketing environment demands.

Finally, you will learn about the three types of content that all companies must generate now in order to remain competitive, and to be found when a prospect goes searching:

  • Current, relevant blog posts designed to reinforce your overall search identity, help you be found, and present you as a thought leader in your space. These posts also feed into your social and email campaigns.
  • Evergreen, web-based pages these are the pages that describe what you sell, answers questions that customers ask, and help customers make the decision to buy. Landing pages can be included in this category, although the less-successful ones will be replaced by more-successful ones as your marketing program progresses.
  • Backlink articles these are articles that appear on sites other than your own, and link back to you. They are an absolutely essential element of your search engine strategy and factor significantly in your reputation with Google (affecting, among other things, your domain authority). This is part of our backlinking program, which also includes submission and management of content to relevant sites. This is daily, detailed, ongoing work performed by our SEO team, specialized in these disciplines.

As part of our Best Practice as a Service for company owners and managers, we provide a steady stream of content for these three types of uses, all SEO-optimized, and driven by the logic of the SEO Framework. We also provide detailed guidance for any writing generated by clients or client-hired writers.

Length: The workshop consists of five hours of one-on-one instruction, as well as 2 months of unlimited support.

Cost: The workshop costs $890. We have priced this workshop so that it is affordable to all companies.

Ticket Type: Purchase a spot in the class online. You do not need to bring a receipt to this workshop.

Course Location:  The Shasta Venture Hub at 4300 Caterpillar Road. Redding, CA, 96003.

Course instructors:

Joe Mckenna

Joe Mckenna is passionate about leveling the playing field for small businesses. The internet has been around long enough that you can’t get revenue traction anymore unless you know the rules of the digital game and the tools that the winners use.

Joe has co-founded two technology companies: Cloud Potential (“Creating content Google and your customers will love”), and 24-Hour Cloud Support (“Stuck and need help with your website or cloud app? We’ll get you set up. Fast.”) He also co-founded Cloud Wise Academy, a fast-paced technology school, that is teaching people the latest in-demand technology skills. Joe also was the president of a leading background check company (where he used technology to increase revenue and lower costs – and they called him the “app whisperer”) before co-founding Cloud Potential.

Kristin Zhivago

Kristin fell in love with technology at an early age. She has worked in the tech industry most of her career, mostly in Silicon Valley. She spent a couple of decades as a “revenue coach,” helping tech CEOs and entrepreneurs grow their companies. She is the president and co-founder of Cloud Potential, 24-Hour Cloud Support, and Cloud Wise Academy.

Kristin is the author of Roadmap to Revenue: How to Sell the Way Your Customers Want to Buy, which was chosen by Forbes as one of the top 6 sales and marketing books. She speaks worldwide on sales and marketing. Kristin and the co-founder and CEO of Cloud Wise Academy, Joe Mckenna, are determined that no business be left behind in the age of the Digital Revolution.


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