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Learn and get results. This workshop goes beyond generic advice and shows you how analyze the impact your website is having on income.

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Course Description:

Learn and get results. This workshop goes beyond generic advice and shows you how to analyze the direct impact your website is having on income.

The website revenue impact workshop is designed to teach your team how to work very confidently with your website and optimize its impact on your revenue.

There are incredible, affordable resources available, which we will introduce you to. These resources and this training will help you get results. You and your team will know the rules and tools the pros use and what to expect.

You’re selling in a digital marketplace. Your success depends on your ability to master that marketplace. First you need to know what is going on – now – before you can know what you should do next.

Are you appearing when someone looks for you? Is your search result selling you, or dampening their enthusiasm? When they click, are they happy with where they’re taken, and are they swept right along to a conversion – or stymied?

What are your competitors doing? Is what they’re doing affecting you? Are they beating you out of search results positions? Why – and how? Are they doing things you could imitate? Are they making mistakes you could capitalize on?

The decisions you make – the next steps you take – can be informed and supported by the answers to these questions. You can know what you should be doing next, and what will make the most difference. You don’t have to guess anymore. You can take back control of your marketing and manage it as effectively as you do the rest of your business.

Who should take this class

Any manager or business owner who wants to understand how their website is affecting their business, and how to ask the right questions when improving it.

What you will need to bring to the class

Your own laptop. If it’s a Windows machine, it should be running at least Windows 7 and have 2 gigabytes of internal memory. If it is a Mac, it should be running El Capitan and have at least 4 gigabytes of internal memory.

What you will learn in this class

We will learn to answer basic but important questions about your website, such as:

    • Why isn’t my website working as well as it should?
    • Is my website helping our hurting our income?
    • Do we need a new website?
    • What is the best kind of website technology for our industry?

Length: Five hours of intensive one-on-one instruction, plus 2 months of unlimited support.

Cost: $890.00

Ticket Type: Purchase a spot in the course online. You do not need to bring a receipt to class.

Course Location: At the Shasta Venture Hub. 4300 Caterpillar Road, Redding, CA 96003

Course instructors

Joe Mckenna

Joe Mckenna is passionate about leveling the playing field for small businesses. The internet has been around long enough that you can’t get revenue traction anymore unless you know the rules of the digital game and the tools that the winners use.

Joe has co-founded two technology companies: Cloud Potential (“Creating content Google and your customers will love”), and 24-Hour Cloud Support (“Stuck and need help with your website or cloud app? We’ll get you set up. Fast.”) He also co-founded Cloud Wise Academy, a fast-paced technology school, that is teaching people the latest in-demand technology skills. Joe also was the president of a leading background check company (where he used technology to increase revenue and lower costs – and they called him the “app whisperer”) before co-founding Cloud Potential.

Kristin Zhivago

Kristin fell in love with technology at an early age. She has worked in the tech industry most of her career, mostly in Silicon Valley. She spent a couple of decades as a “revenue coach,” helping tech CEOs and entrepreneurs grow their companies. She is the president and co-founder of Cloud Potential, 24-Hour Cloud Support, and Cloud Wise Academy.

Kristin is the author of Roadmap to Revenue: How to Sell the Way Your Customers Want to Buy, which was chosen by Forbes as one of the top 6 sales and marketing books. She speaks worldwide on sales and marketing. Kristin and the co-founder and CEO of Cloud Wise Academy, Joe Mckenna, are determined that no business be left behind in the age of the Digital Revolution.

Other Areas we will cover:


  • Who are they – demographics, functions, preferences
  • What they search for and how they search for it; what matters to them
  • What they expect from companies like yours
  • Where they are located
  • Where else they go
  • Where they come from when they come to you, and where they go after
  • What pages they come in to, and which pages they tend to exit from
  • What they look at most on your site
  • What kinds of content do they find most relevant
  • How long they stay
  • The devices they are using
  • How your market is doing overall – interest and trends over time


  • What they search for and how they search for it
  • What else they search for that is related
  • How you rank now
  • What Google needs from you, to rank you highly
  • Top keyword trends in your market
  • Rising/falling keywords, trends
  • Top organic competitors
  • Which keywords do you share with the competition, and to what extent
  • Directories and search engines – your foundational presence
  • Your domain authority, which factors into how highly Google will rank youPAID SEARCH
  •  What keywords are being used to find your type of product


  • What ads are being run by competitors
  • How much are competitors spending
  • Which ads are working, and how you can imitate their success
  • Which ads they discontinued
  • What their strategy been, and what you can learn from it


  • What are the micro decisions involved in the buying process
  • Which website pages and landing pages contribute positively to conversion – or
    send users away
  • What kind of content will help you convert
  • How you’re showing up in search results – where conversion “starts” – e.g., how
    well your meta descriptions are working for you
  • Click-through rate
  • Bounce rate – how many are coming and then leaving
  • What you can do to get the bounce rate down


  • Who are your known/unknown/new competitors
  • Who Google considers your key competitors
  • How much traffic have they been getting, over time and compared to you
  • PPC – see Paid Search section
  • The landing pages they are using
  • Where are they strong/weak in their digital footprint
  • How you compare to them, in terms of search
  • How mobile-friendly they are
  • What are the best practices in your industry
  • What is “distracting” your customers – which is another form of competition
  • Who is gaining/losing traffic share and how are they doing it
  • Top competing performers in search
  • The customer discussions they are involved in
  • The sites that bring them traffic. (These are “backlinks” – which Google factors
    heavily into where they rank you. The more reputable the backlinks, the more
    Google favors your site in search results.)
  • Their sources of traffic (e.g., search, social, links, direct); how much traffic comes
    from which sources
  • Best sources of traffic – for you and competitors


  • How mobile-friendly you are – and what needs fixing
  • How fast/advanced you are technically (measured mostly in terms of search-
    engine favorability, customer friendliness, and content display)
  • What tools should you be using to create, monitor, and optimize your digital
    marketing and revenue


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