Course Description

Hello! My name is Chauncey Haworth and I’m the instructor of this course on Search Engine Optimization. In this class, you will learn to beat out competitors in search engines. We will de-mystify SEO, grant you a working knowledge of websites and SEO tools, and learn to apply these lessons to business.

In short, you will learn to make money!

If you’re a business person today, people are searching for your products while they’re in your store. If you remind them through traditional advertising that they need your services, they’ll search online – and if they find your competitor then your traditional advertising won’t do much good. Search engine optimization is a huge part of how the most successful businesses makes its money nowadays, and if you don’t understand it, then you’re missing out.

What you will learn in this class

I, Chauncey Haworth, will help you become familiar with the strategies and specific tools that I use to help clients improve their search rankings. You will become comfortable with the intricacies of local and worldwide SEO.

The four major topics we’ll cover in detail are:

Onsite optimization: Make your site as useful to customers and friendly to Google as possible.

Reviews and Citations: Make sure you have a robust online presence in local directories and other sites.

Backlinks: Learn how to get other people to share your content, increasing your reach and improving your rankings.

Content Creation: Learn about different types of web content, and how to create it.

What you will do in the class

In each class, I will walk you through the details of a specific concept. Together, we will discuss how to apply these concepts to your search engine optimization projects.

Who should take this class

Anyone who wants to make their website rank better online, or who wants to launch a career in web development or SEO would be well-advised to take this class.

This class is not currently being offered. Please contact us for information about our next SEO class.

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