Technology Training for Applicants and Employees

Your company needs tech to work for you, which means you need people who know how to work tech. You can’t be competitive now if you’re not using the latest technical tools and techniques. At Cloud Wise Academy, we offer technology training for employees that keeps pace with the way things are done in the tech world right now.

When your employees and applicants are properly trained, your company can keep up and keep moving.

We can teach your team the basics, or the more advanced tools and techniques. Within days, they can be using the applications and methods that the leaders in your market are using.

We teach the technologies that companies need their employees – and applicants – to learn, including:

  • Websites – everything from creation to the nitty-gritty back end coding, using the latest tools and techniques. Templates, applications, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, and more.
  • Search Engine Optimization – What Google needs to know to rank you so you can be found. How to research for search engine optimization and build a content identity structure for your company.

Courses are held on your location or the location of your choice.

Length of the courses and topics taught are completely customizable, depending on what your business needs.

All courses are taught by hands-on professional practitioners. No ivory tower topics; it’s all “what’s working now” in today’s fast-moving cloud-centric environment.

Contact us today for a discussion about what your company needs your employees or applicants to learn.

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