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Search Engine Optimization Class in Redding

Search Engine Optimization Classes

We will de-mystify SEO, grant you a working knowledge of websites and SEO tools, and learn to apply these lessons to business.

In short, you will learn to make money!

WordPress Class in Redding

WordPress Classes

Because WordPress is so popular, just a bit of simple knowledge in it can be what launches an exciting career. There’s never been a better time to learn WordPress than today.
Website Design Class in Redding

Website Design Classes

In just six weeks we’ll help you become sufficiently confident with web design to begin a career in code, or related to code. At the end of the class, you will receive a certificate of completion.
Photoshop Class in Redding

Photoshop Classes

A good grasp of design is a very important skill in our visual, content-driven world. Our other Cloud Wise Academy classes will have taught you development – by taking this class you’ll gain the other crucial, complimentary piece: Design.

Technology Jobs Right Here

There are technology jobs right here in Redding that already offer more in pay than the national average.

6-Week Technology Courses

Go from zero to job-ready in an immersive environment. Learn the latest skills from
industry professionals and connect with employers through our Career Support program.

Project Hometown Students Sells Website

Project Hometown Students Sells Website

  Soniya a Cloud Wise Academy Redding student in the Project Hometown program, sold her website design to a local business, La Cabana. Soniya's course was paid for by Reach Higher Shasta. Way to go Soniya!!! Project Hometown is a Reach Higher Shasta initiative....

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