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The business community is currently in dire need of employees with technical skills. Unfortunately, there is a serious shortage of people who have those skills.

There are, however, hard-working, conscientious people who, if they could learn in-demand technology skills, could fill those jobs.

We solve these problems. We help people learn in-demand technology skills that will make them attractive to employers who are hiring.

The Cloud Wise Academy courses are designed to be practical and affordable for people holding down a job or taking care of a family. Each course is taught over a six-week period, two nights a week, three hours each night. Each course costs $275.

Course material is created in concert with the companies looking for help. The courses are taught by experienced technical professionals who are working out in the job market.

There are two phases to the help Cloud Wise Academy offers. The first is the 6-week accelerated course. The next phase is for students to work on real-world projects provided by companies who need the work done. It’s similar to hiring an intern, but these interns work under the direct supervision of a professional in the field, ensuring that the work produced follows best practices.

Another resource is available to companies if the work required surpasses the skills of the interns. Cloud Potential, a marketing company run by the people behind Cloud Wise Academy, is ready to help local businesses meet the online marketing challenges of the day.

Cloud Wise Academy Courses

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Photoshop & Design

Website Design Fundamentals

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